Shooting Le Siège - The story

Moncton, May 1st 2017 – We’re on day 8 of 36 on this new adventure in the Maritimes. It’s my 3rd time here in as many years working on a show, and I’m surrounded with people who have an insatiable passion for making films.

Our story revolves around the hardships a small town faces when its main employer shuts down, an all too familiar reality in our country. The workers organize a demonstration to voice their discontent, and one group of mechanics decide to take it a step further. They storm the administration offices and take the bosses hostage. This sets off the turmoil that we explore in the show, a 36-hour standoff that will bring conflicts old and new to the breaking point…

It’s an awesome story, written by first time screenwriter Pierre Marc Drouin. My creative producer, Antonello Cozzolino, has produced many features and is also making his television debut with this show. We’re a good team, finessing the story on the daily.


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