A teaser for the feature documentary. An intimate portrait of five sailors as they cross Lake Ontario.

3 Saisons

Three stories unfold over the course of 9 months. Two couples live at extreme opposites of each other, yet they share one commonality: an unexpected pregnancy. Carmine and Sasha live in a comfortable world where the arrival of a child should be a time that fills them with joy. Instead, it blows their bourgeois house of cards to the ground. Behind the facade of their ultra-chic condo and their high-flying careers, hides a couple that is in pain, two human beings living with secrets and lies that have, unfortunately, multiplied with time. Justine and Seb are freedom seekers that live day by day on the streets of Montreal. These two young squeegee-punks are hoping for better tomorrows, but in the meantime seem to be content with washing windshields and doing small-time deals. Justine's pregnancy destabilizes Seb, who has better things to do than to be a father. Their violent relationship makes getting an abortion the obvious choice. Yet somehow things never seem to work out as they should... Stephen Decker is a 50-something father who has lost everything, his wife, his only child, his peace of mind. Now he has found a new purpose for his life: revenge. This quest brings him from Calgary to Montreal as he desperately hunts down his daughter's murderer. What he finds is far from what he expected... Five destinies converge, not only in blood and suffering, but also in hope, love and rebirth.

B Dock

An impromptu portrait of a small, tenacious and stubborn group of Canadian iconoclasts who have elected to ride out the rugged winter on board their boats.


A feature film set in the Montreal club scene. Misha, a street-savvy teen, tries to turn her life around but soon goes back to her old ways.

Early Works 1995-2000

A compilation of excerpts from various films directed by Jim Donovan between 1995 and 2000.