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Shooting Le Siège - The Crew

My crew on Le Siège, a mix of Montreal veterans and Acadian diehards, are many of the same people I had working alongside me on Le Clan — my last show shot here in New Brunswick, produced for SRC by Cécile Chevrier, an Acadian Producer.

Jean-Pierre Gauthier, my director of photography, has been my closest collaborator over 15 years. Having worked together on Pure, 3 Saisons, Le Clan and now Le Siège, we have a visual shorthand that is invaluable to creating the quality that we want and that the network expects from us. He is also surrounded by some of our best collaborators: Clermont Lapointe is our gaffer and has a keen eye for the light, Greg Nicaud our first AC is an ace on the camera. Another longtime friend, Alexandre Juneau, is doing key props on set. He is always attentive to details that are so critical, especially on this show. He and I go back to my feature 3 Saisons.

Among the newcomers is André Chamberland, my production designer who converted this massive, abandoned 300,000 square foot meat packing factory into a plastics manufacturing plant.

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